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Your Network Is Your Net Worth!

Updated: Mar 19

If you're feeling alone, misunderstood and disconnected, it might be because you're lonely! When we're lonely, it leads to poor mental health, poor relationships, as well as physical symptoms! Entrepeneurship can be a very isolating place, but it doesn't have to be.


DID YOU KNOW? Loneliness can be as bad for you as smoking!


Science has proven time and time again that a sense of belonging and human interaction is vital for great wellbeing and the great news is, there are SO MANY entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs who feel exactly like you.

If you want more connection and to meet other people just like you, with the same thoughts, challenges, hobbies and DREAMS, here's my favourite places to connect!

  1. Join a mastermind - In my group coaching program we meet weekly to smash your goals! You get the opportunity to be coached Want in? Book a call with me and let's find out if it's right for you!

  2. LinkedIn - where all professionals go to learn and connect

  3. Enterprise nation - a place for business owners to learn, connect AND hire each other.

  4. Female Founders Rise - A community on LinkedIn built for Female Founders looking for funding

  5. LoveBiz - A local group with in person networking events

  6. EventBrite - Find local and online events across the world (and create your own).

  7. Local groups - there are groups in every city across the world. Google networking events near you!

I know it can seem daunting to go to your first networking event alone.

Remember, people buy people, not things. If you can get in front of people and make a personal connection, your business is much more likely to make sales and find opportunities, especially if you're a service business.


Female entrepreneur

Hey Powerhouse!

If you're feeling burnt-out, frustrated and overwhelmed with your business, I want you to know there's another way! You can get the clarity, focus and performance you need to increase your wellbeing and sales, fast! Join me to create a new life and online business strategy you'll love!

Book a call to apply and let's find out if your business is right for one of my programs!

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