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How to get an invite to the House of Lords!

Updated: Mar 16

If you've been following on social media, you'll know that last week I was invited to the House of Lords as one of the most inspirational female entrepreneurs of 2023. I know what you're thinking...


If you want an invite to the House of Lords...keep reading and I'll break it down.

Six months ago, I came across f:Entrepreneur, a campaign run by Small Business Britain highlighting 100 inspirational female entrepreneurs of 2022. I IMMEDIATELY decided I would try to get on the list.

Not only is f:Entrepreneur great for networking, but it's great for press opportunities too. It raises your profile, enables you to connect with other badass women and of course, gets you to some amazing events!

I spent a while diving into the list and finding out what these amazing women were up to and found a common theme. These women were running amazing businesses and living multi-passionate lives. The businesses listed helped people, communities, charities or other causes such as sustainability. The women were also raising families, working in multiple areas or volunteering their time to give back.

Now, if this doesn't quite resonate with you yet, don't worry! Further down I tell you how to get your business ready for this kind of application!

If you follow me you'll know that outside of coaching female business owners, I co-founded a men's skincare brand focussed on sustainability which aims to give men a more ethical skincare choice. You'll also know we built the business while becoming first time parents AND working a global job.

I never thought my purpose-led businesses and personal story was inspirational enough to get this level of recognition, but it was!

If you're thinking, my business isn't big enough or my business doesn't give back in some way (yet), there's time to get yourself ready to join the f:Entrepreneur list!

Here's what to consider and the actions to take before applications open:

Ask yourself:

  1. What impact does your business have?

  2. How does your business serve or help others?

  3. What impact does it have on your community?

  4. What contribution do you make?

  5. What causes or movements do you support?

  6. What do you do in your spare time?

  7. How sustainable is your business?

  8. Why is your journey unique?

  9. What problems has your business overcome to get here?

  10. What success has your business had?

What actions can you take:

  1. Increase the impact you have on your customers

  2. Increase the impact you have in your community

  3. Support a cause through donating or volunteering

  4. Increase your sustainability:

  5. Through your products

  6. Through your packaging

  7. Through partnering with sustainable companies - we use Ecologi and 1% for the Planet

  8. Use your personal story in your branding and copywriting

  9. Connect with other business owners and collaborate

  10. Start to document your successes

Running a business is ALOT, so try not to overcomplicate it. Keep it simple. Focus on doing good. Most of all make sure what you do is in line with your business strategy!

Applications for f:Entrepreneur open later this year so look out for their announcements and follow them on social media!

Could it be you walking through the gates at the House of Lords in 2024?

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