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4 Simple Steps to Captions That Convert!

Do you struggle for ideas on how to write captions? Do you waste time staring at the screen or writing a caption over and over again? Are you worried that your captions aren't convincing enough to lead to sales?

What if you could write great captions easily and quickly, in just 4 steps?

Here's a very simple model to help you on your way to copywriting that actually leads to sales!


DID YOU KNOW: A study on Hootsuite found that posts with long captions received more comments and likes!


When I first started writing copy, I chose the AIDA model. Why? Because it's quick easy and simple. This is how it goes:

Copywriting for entrepreneurs

Grab the readers attention instantly! Use a hook or a problem they have.

Pique their interest with something that interests them or elaborate on their problem.

Solve their problem. Make them want what you're selling.

Inspire them to take the action that you want them to take.

Here's an example for a skincare business:

A: Are you sick and tired of having acne?

I: Are you constantly trying to cover it? Is it impacting your confidence?

D: What if you could get rid of acne for good and have a brighter, clearer complexion?

A: Try our new 3-step skincare routine, proven to clear acne AND make you fall back in love with your skin.

If you're writing boring captions that lead your customer nowhere, STOP right now!

Give this a try and let me know how it goes!


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