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12 Tips On How To Go Live On Instagram

Does the thought of going live on Instagram bring you out in hives? Here's a reframe that might help you break through your visibility barrier!

Going live on Instagram is an amazing way to engage with followers and support growth. If you're not using all of the features on Instagram, you're missing an opportunity to reach more people and spread your message!


Don't worry if you don't get a lot of engagement or views. Not everyone is available or able to watch and listen live, but your biggest fans will tune in or watch it back!

Here's my top 12 tips for getting comfortable going live!

  1. Accept that video is the way to grow your account

  2. View your live videos as recordings. It doesn't matter if no one else joins - the purpose is to make it available for people to watch later and to tell the algorithm you're serious

  3. Use the practice feature to get yourself comfortable with talking and your environment

  4. Write 3 bullet points you want to talk about before you start and put them in front of you

  5. Add a title - what are you going to tell them or teach them? Make it catchy!

  6. It's ok to make mistakes or mix up your words. This is not a presentation. It's a conversation. It's ok to take a breath, look at your notes or even tell them you have notes you want to cover

  7. Take 3 deep breaths - make sure the out-breath is longer than the in-breath to calm your nervous system.

  8. Use 1 call to action at the end such as 'let me know in the comments', 'DM me if you can relate', or 'if you've experienced this as I'd love to speak to you.'

  9. When people join, say hello or ask them a direct question, like 'hey mike, let me know in the comments how you're doing today?'

  10. Keep it short at first while you overcome the fear!

  11. Ask your friends to join and cheer you on so you don't associate no-one watching with no-one caring about what you have to say

  12. Do it every day for a week and FEEL how much easier it gets.

Bonus tip: Make your title a really good hook. My best performing live said "147k" in the title and people wanted to know why I was talking about such a large sum of money.


Hey Purpose-led Powerhouse!

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