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Struggling to make sales online or don't know where to start? Give me 60 minutes and I'll teach you how to find, connect and sell to your ideal customers!

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Ready to level up? Book a complimentary business strategy call and get your business MOVING! It's on me!

Beth Moody, Derby


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"After our first meeting 5 weeks ago, I've doubled my income"


  • After 2 sessions, Beth said "I never thought £10k months were possible, but now I can definitely see it happening"

  • After 3 sessions, she said, "I'm £200 off my goal 😭"


  • By session 4, she'd smashed through her first income goal and made 20% more! 💰


I'm so glad you're here!


I empower female founders and CEOs to create their online business strategy and unshakeable resilience through positive psychology. Why? Because to make it as an entrepreneur you need 2 things: the ability to overcome challenges AND take focussed, strategic action that works. 

Over the last decade, I've owned 3 businesses while also enjoying a 6-figure corporate career in global FTSE companies:

  • I was named one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs of 2023 by a campaign run by Small Business Britain. 

  • I own a highly sustainable e-commerce brand with my partner, Paul​, names as a 2022 finalist in the Start-up Awards for the Midlands

  • ​I've supported senior executives around the world with everything from employee motivation and reward to personal development, performance​ and wellbeing

  • I've gained 3 First Class degrees: 1 x BSc. Human Resources, 2 x MSc. Global business Management and Marketing

  • In February 2023, I'll be a Certified Positive Psychology Coach

If you're ready to have your best business month EVER...

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