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Hey, I'm Laura

- Business Coach
- Entrepreneur
- Corporate Escapee

YOU know you want to be a entrepreneur. You want to make money in a way that feels great. You want to feel fulfilled and clear about your purpose. You want freedom; for you and your family. Not to mention you'd like to achieve all of this from your kitchen! I'm here to help YOU.

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Hi! I'm Laura


Hey! I'm Laura and I'm here to reassure you that EVERYTHING you're experiencing in your career is normal; the self doubt, the confusion, the fear, the imposter syndrome. Not only is it normal, but most of what you're feeling is necessary for personal growth and to break through to your next level.


👩🏼‍💻 Corporate Life


I have over a decade of experience working in FTSE companies and building a 6-figure career as a global expert in Reward; the discipline of how to reward employees in a way that is fair, engaging and drives them to their best performance. My experience in creating global strategies sparked my passion for understanding what motivates people, what makes them feel fulfilled and what leads to them feeling passionate about the way they make money.


While in corporate, I've supported Senior Managers, Executives and CEOs, developed employees, experienced burnout AND outright quit. I learnt that where you work matters. What you do, matters. And that you can escape....if you want to!

🎓 Education


I have a First Class BA. Hons. Human Resource Management and MSc. Global Business Management from UK universitie, and a MSc. Marketing from Kedge Business School, Marseille.

I have a decade of coaching experience in HR and I'm currently in training to become a certified Positive Psychology coach. 


My Entrepreneur Journey



In 2017, I started a Pilates business while teaching dance AND working a corporate job. I booked out my evening classes in 3 months and had opportunities coming in from all sides. I loved training women but something wasn't right.


I closed the business 18 months later. Exercise was my passion, but the business I had created wasn't in line with my values, purpose or the way I wanted to make money!


I didn't care that it was profitable. I knew when to quit. Luckily this gave me great business fundamentals and skills I could use for my next venture...


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During the pandemic, my partner and I created a men's sustainable skincare brand called Gentlemen's Scrub Club. We built the business while I was pregnant, with a new born, renovating and moving house, AND both working full time in senior jobs.


Our business took 2 years to build: it's not easy sourcing the latest innovation in sustainable packaging, finding amazing formulations, or setting up unique subscriptions.


We launched earlier this year and within 1 month, we were finalists in the UK start-up awards.


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While building a complex skincare business and working global roles, I learnt that most practical problems are easily solved.


The tricky parts of business are the problems under the surface. Our mindset, beliefs, fears, the way we work, what makes us unique and our purpose that really determines success.


This realisation and my passion for helping women led me to become a coach, where I can use my expertise and experience to fast track entrepreneurs.


🙋🏼‍♀️ Entrepreneurs like you!

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